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3 must-have attitudes to become a person who appreciates4 min read

3 must-have attitudes to become a person who appreciates4 min read

Imagine if when we get really hungry, food fell from the sky. It would be incredible, right? What about sandals that lasted nearly 40 years and do not get worn out. Simply sensational! Imagine being in the desert without knowing the way, and before you appeared a column of cloud that guides you during the day and at night it becomes a column of fire, which brought light and warmth?  Surely, you would be in awe.

All of this happened when God took His people out of a life of slavery in Egypt and conducted them through the desert into the Promised Land. Nevertheless, do you know what happened with the passing of time? That column of fire and cloud did not amaze them anymore. Sandals? Which sandals? Oh, the manna (the food that falls from the sky) became nauseating. The people began to complain of that they did not have. All those wonders became a boring monotony to them. They did not appreciate anymore, and day after day, God tolerated them. You must be thinking, “What a difficult people.” However, have you also done the same with the beautiful things God has given you?

Take a look at what the apostle Peter advised us to do:

“Therefore, LAYING ASIDE all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking” (1 Peter 2.1)

“To have an excellent spirit is to have a spirit that appreciates. The lack of appreciation brings about complaints. When we do not appreciate, we criticize,” explained the speaker and writer Cristiane Cardoso during the Godllywood Self-Help Meeting for women at the Temple of Solomon in Brazil. This meeting was broadcasted to the entire country and other countries also had their monthly meeting speaking about the same topic.

The writer and counselor reminded the participants that many times we complain that we are not appreciated, but we are the first ones not to appreciate others. “When you appreciate, you are also appreciated. People begin to see things in the way that you see. Life becomes easier to live,” she explained.
How to appreciate
It is a matter of making a decision. Many times, we lose the opportunities God gives us because of the spirit of non-appreciation. To appreciate is to value, to care for, and give compliments; it needs to be expressed somehow.

Our God also wants to be appreciated by us:

“And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.” (Genesis 2.9)

He carefully created trees that were pleasant to the eyes; in other words, they were beautiful so that we could admire His creation. When we read the Lord’s Prayer and the book of Psalms, we see God teaching us how to appreciate Him.

“Do not keep looking at what you do not have yet. Appreciation needs to happen in the exterior; show that you appreciate,” advised Cristiane Cardoso.

So, what have you been doing to show this appreciation?

The writer and counselor spoke about 3 must-have attitudes:

First: choose how you see things.

How do you see the situations in life? Do you see the cup as being half-full or half-empty? How do you see yourself? You are the temple of the Holy Spirit; you are valuable.

Those who only notice their own shortcomings, for example, they feel ugly, it is because they are having bad eyes towards themselves, and the Word of God says that those who have bad eyes attract evil to their lives.

How do you see your family, your friends, and job? Do you see what they have best or you only focus on their faults?

Second: Pay close attention to your words and gestures.

Do not economize; for you not to become an unpleasant person, you need to appreciate. Tell them how much they are special, compliment and admire them. Everyone has something special; you just need to focus on this and express it.

Third: Stop complaining.

Every time you appreciate, you are praising God. When you criticize and complain, you are praising the devil instead. Decide today not to be complaining.

The Godllywood Self-Help Metting takes place every second Saturday of the month at the Temple of Solomon in Brazil, and every third Saturday at The Universal Church at 1091 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY. To find out about how to participate in this special meeting, contact The Universal Church near you for more information.

You can also watch the previous meetings that took place at The Temple of Solomon at the on-demand video platform Univer.

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