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11 signs that you need Inner Healing3 min read

11 signs that you need Inner Healing3 min read

No one could imagine that I had inner wounds – not even I, who grew up with all the love and support of a Christian, stable and happy family. There were no fights at home, no addictions, no discussions, and much less mentioning about divorce. It seemed that we had a perfect home. I can remember many happy moments, but there was another side that I didn’t want to believe it existed. However it was there, and it was very shameful and painful to remember. So then I decided to remove it from my mind and hold on only to the good and beautiful memories. That’s how I spent decades… And the wounds remained alive in me but deeply hidden.

When I realized that I needed Inner Healing, I was already married, had two children, and worked counseling other women on a weekly basis. During one of these counseling sessions, I realized that I also needed to follow the advice I was giving. Then I began to search for the root of the confusion inside of me, and I found the answers that set me free. It was an incredible experience that transformed me; today I am very happy to have discovered the right way to Inner Healing.

That is how the Inner Healing Course for women began and was taught for the first time in 2012 in Houston, Texas. Perhaps you are like me, thinking all is well, that you already overcame the pain and the trauma from your past, but I invite you to think about it again. Inner wounds are not easily detected, especially in us women, who are able to hide our flaws even from ourselves.

Ask yourself the questions below. If at least two of these questions are true in your life, the Inner Healing Course is for you:

1. You are quick to criticize yourself, and you feel guilty when others are not satisfied with you;
2. There are memories that you blocked because they cause too much shame and emotional pain when you remember them;
3. To express love and affection is hard for you. Also, it could be that you do not express it enough, or you express it too much to the point of making people uncomfortable;
4. You have problems in your marriage because you are not able to trust in your husband;
5. You give in to unhealthy habits that make you feel better emotionally, such as: overeating, spending long hours on the Internet, splurging in clothes and shoes, addictions, frequently attending raves and going to clubs, etc;
6. You think that you do not deserve a man of good caracter, and you often attract men that end up disappointing you;
7. You do so much to help your children and loved ones, but you feel unvalued by them;
8. You put up a front of being “tough” to protect yourself from getting hurt, but you end up hurting others with your attitudes;
9. You suffered some kind of abuse, negligence or rejection in your past;
10. You appear to be happy before others, but only you know the emptiness you feel inside;
11. You would like to be able to sit down and talk to someone about the conflicts inside of you, but you fear opening up because of your position in the church or in the family.


shutterstock_130218290Information about the Inner Healing Course

The course if made up of 12 lessons during a period of 3 months, with practical advice that you can apply immediately. Each lesson is based on Biblical principles and in God’s promises. Each participant receives a printed version of the lesson including the homework, which allows them to meditate more on the lesson and put it into practice. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and to schedule a one-on-one counseling session. The course is completely free, and it takes place once a week.

Allow your inner self to heal, and allow yourself to have a new life! – Evelyn Higginbotham


In the USA, you can participate in the Inner Healing Course at the state headquarters of The Universal Church. Feel free to contact us or visit one of our locations near you for more information.

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