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Success is inside of you1 min read

Success is inside of you1 min read

TWINSHave you ever paid close attention to identical twins? They look the same and they can even have the same tastes. However, the more time we spend with them, the more we see that they are actually different from each other. One is louder than the other, one is more active than the other, more easy-going than the other, and much more. What is the difference? The difference is in their spirit; even though they are twins physically and have the same DNA, their spirits and thoughts are not the same. The spirit inside of us makes the difference. It’s unique. 

Those who are afraid of and avoid taking risks and doing things differently will not succeed in their financial lives. That’s why one needs to have a strong spirit. Problems and obstacles will come to everyone, however if we have a strong mind and spirit united with the Spirit of God, then we will make it. Both are essential; without the Spirit of God, one lacks the peace, guidance and the direction needed in life, and without a strong and bold spirit, one will not take the necessary steps of faith to achieve great victories.

Do you want to have a stronger spirit before the problems and challenges in life? This coming Monday at the financial conference at The Universal Church, you will learn how to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams, and you will receive prayers for your financial life and to strengthen you.

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