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6 signs that your love life needs your attention1 min read

6 signs love life

If you have not and are not experiencing any of these signs, you might know someone who is:

• A series of failed relationships, ending one and beginning another;

• You or your partner are complacent in your marriage, not making efforts to solve problems or better the relationship;

• Begging for the attention of the person you love;

• Accepting abuse for fear of being alone;

• You have traumas and inner wounds that hold you back from believing in love;

• Because you have not loved someone or you have been rejected by others, you think you will always be alone.

Usually, those who have problems in their love life and have not received the proper guidance and care, they believe that a new relationship will heal their inner pain and make them happy, that marriage after a certain time becomes tedious, or that to love someone only causes heartaches.

However, none of these are true! The roots of these problems are still inside of them, and the inner wounds have not healed. Many times, in order to find true love, one must leave the past behind and live the present time.

Take this opportunity to reflect on how you have been treating yourself. What have you done to face your problems and heal the wounds that are inside of you and that make you commit the same mistakes over and over again?

Write it down and come Thursday to the Love Therapy at The Universal Church near you. It is time to take care of you.

After all, love is more than a feeling, it’s a decision. Decide to be happy!

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