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Tomorrow does not exist3 min read

Tomorrow does not exist3 min read

Tomorrow does not exist

Where do you want to be in 30 years? Retired, traveling around the world, getting to know new places? And in 15 years, how do you see yourself? With a family, a management position, perhaps taking care of your own business? In 7 years, you might be taking care of young children or completing a graduate degree. However, make no mistake: tomorrow does not exist.

There is a well-known phrase that says, “Tomorrow is built today!” Even though it has been repeated thousands of times, there are numerous people putting things off for later.”That’s the problem. Many people suffer from ignorance, not knowing what to do. But I think there are even more people who suffer from not practicing what they already know,” says the writer and lecturer Renato Cardoso.

According to him, many people know what they have to do to achieve their goals, and still they do not do it. It’s like dieting, which always “begins on Monday,” but this Monday never comes. Or, going to the doctor “when they have a little time,” but this time never happens. At the end, what should be a priority is crushed by one excuse after another.

Small steps

Great goals are always far. However, small steps to achieve these goals are within reach. For example, “I would like to join the New York City Marathon in 2016.” This is something hard to come by, after all, there are 26.2 miles and thousands of professional runners competing. But what is required to achieve this goal?

Go to the doctor and do a physical assessment? Easy.

Visit the nutritionist and start a proper diet with commitment? Easy.

A one hour walk, two or three times a week, at first? If you are willing, you can do it. In one year, these small steps will take you to the finish line that seems far ahead of you. Thinking big, in this case, discourages. Seeing how the completion of little goals helps you to accomplish your big goals, in turn, encourages.

“You eat every day, drink every day, sleep every day, check your e-mail and Facebook probably every day; you listen to, read or watch news every day; you speak on the phone every day, take a bath and do many other things every day. Some of these are not necessary, but you find time for them. Therefore, if you want, you can do at least one thing in relation to your goals every day,” says Renato Cardoso.

Delay kills

A study from the University of Sheffield (England) reveals that procrastination can trigger anxiety and even depression, an illness that currently reaches about 120 million people in the world, and by 2020 it will be the most crippling disease worldwide according to the World Health Organization.

Do you want to overcome this behavior and get your life back on track? Then the very first step is to care for you, for your spiritual well-being. Contact us or visit The Universal Church near you to find out more about upcoming events that will benefit your life, help you care for what matters the most and encourage you to achieve your goals.

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