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21 Truths About Love1 min read

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The idea most people have about love is usually this: it is an intense emotion, you are willing to do anything for the person, and you can’t live without them. Hollywood movies and romantic songs are usually the first to portray love this way. It seems almost blissful when you’re watching your favorite romance, but this is not the reality, and we should make it a point to remember this.

Singles and couples alike believe that with love comes a sense of perfection; nothing can go wrong, and when it does, many consider separating as their first option. Divorce rates among married couples in the United States are about 40 to 50 percent. However, the idea of marriage is not for it to break apart a few years later; both partners enter with hopes of being committed and having someone committed to them until the end. And you? What is your idea on how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship?

We believe in universal truths about relationships and the road to maintaining a healthy relationship begins by knowing the truth about love. There are many uncertainties when it comes to relationships, and couples and singles may be looking for the answers in the wrong places. Have you ever received advice about your relationship but knew it wasn’t what you were searching for? At the Love Therapy, you will receive the helpful advice that you need.

For 21 Thursdays, we will be targeting 21 universal truths about relationships. Forget what you learned in that famous romantic movie or heard in that sweet song that brings tears to your eyes. This meeting was designed for you to have a better and stronger relationship. Get to know your partner and yourself better.

Join us this Thursday at 7 pm for our 21 Truths About Love meeting.

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