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I used to have dreams with dead people1 min read


Tracy McAllister2

For five years, I felt the presence of spirits over me and also used to see shadows. Sometimes, they would be stifling me. I used to make different prayers that I had learned here and there for them to go away, but nothing would happen; only when I would say the name of Jesus they would leave. I used to have a lot of nightmares with demons and people that were already dead, including family members.

I used to be very close to my grandmother who passed away. One night, I had a nightmare with her calling me to the place where she was, then I suddenly woke up. When I was young, my sister took me to a palm reader who spoke things that would happen in my future. At the time, I believed that visit was beneficial to me, but later on I found out how much that visit allowed evil to enter into my life.

One day I went to The Universal Church and learned the truth, and I learned how to overcome that situation I was facing. I did my Chain of Prayer on Fridays, and today I no longer have nightmares nor see shadows. I am completely free!

Tracy McAllister, from New York

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