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Your words vs. your actions2 min read

Your words vs. your actions2 min read

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Mothers, do you ever feel that when you speak your words vaporize in thin air before they reach your child’s ears? Have you ever yelled to get your point across? No need to worry; you are not alone. At times, it seems as though this is the only way to get their attention. It may even seem that it is the only way to get a reaction from your children. But what if you found a new and calmer way to make your words sink in. That can be accomplished by putting in practice what you preach, by showing in you the change you would like to see in your children.

Do you remember when you were a teenager and it seemed as though an argument with your mom lasted for a very long time? Times have only changed but so much. Children today handle complaints and shouting the same way we did when we were their age. This is what brings us to the old saying: “your actions speak louder than your words.” It is repeated so much that it has become a kind of cliché, but there is more truth to it than we would like to recognize, especially as a mother.

It’s time to realize that children notice everything. They see your actions, they hear you screaming at them to do the dishes and clean their rooms, but they choose to ignore it because many times your actions are offensive to them. Yes, they are the children and you are the authority, but would you rather have a leader that you fear or a leader that you love and respect? Become the example that your children love and respect. Remember, there are many other examples outside of the walls of your home calling them with open and enticing arms.

Carol and mother2Read Carol’s story and see how her mother’s change and example inspired her.

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See below the pictures from the First Conference for Mothers and Daughters that took place on May 31st, 2015:


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