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I was tormented with negativity2 min read

I was tormented with negativity2 min read

Everything seemed to be going okay until the day I began hearing voices. These voices were not your average, everyday thoughts; I was tormented with negativity. I would even lose sleep because the voices wouldn’t cease. I could hear them inside of my head speaking ill of me and threatening me. It got so bad that even driving became a difficult task, because I would feel a loss of balance and coordination whenever I got into the car. I was afraid to drive because of this.

Even family members complained of having paranormal experiences when they were in my home, such as something trying to touch or bother them. At times, my daughter would suddenly become afraid; she would say that she saw something when there was no one else in the house. Still, there were moments that I was even convinced that I was okay; that I didn’t need help.

I was unemployed for 4 years and couldn’t achieve anything at all. I have family members who attend The Universal Church, who saw my situation and invited me to come with them. They called the pastor and he prayed for me. Since that moment I noticed a change, even if it was small. My home didn’t feel as heavy as before. That’s when I decided to start going to the church regularly and was instructed to do my Chain of Prayer. I began to fight for my deliverance and I started to see changes. The voices began to disappear and my home started to have peace.

My finances also began to change. I joined a challenge of faith in the church because I wanted to achieve my own business. I had no money to start, but after the challenge I did with God, a door opened for me. I achieved just enough money to get started. It was completely unexpected and I knew that it was the answer I was looking for. Today, I have peace in my home and no more voices or torment. I have a beautiful home and my business is fully operational. As time goes by, I see the hand of God blessing my business even more. I am a living proof that nothing is impossible!


Testimony of Marcia from Georgia

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