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Read this as soon as possible!1 min read

Read this as soon as possible!1 min read

Hello Dear Friends,

Ancient Roman roads spanned more than 250,000 miles. The Romans started building these continent-connecting routes in 500 B.C., enabling both their empire to grow and the gospel to advance rapidly.
Today’s “Roman roads” are the Internet, smartphones, tablets and social media, which are ready and waiting for innumerable journeys of faith and witnessing. While the ancient roads connected hundreds of towns and cities, today’s technology connects millions of homes and individuals.
Beginning on June 10th, we will join our faith through YouTube (one of the most used social media websites),  which will allow us to connect during a 40-Day Journey of Faith. During our journey, I will be sharing with you messages of faith and prayers that will bless your days. You may come across people who are facing difficulties and are unaware of the benefits of faith; take this opportunity to invite them along our journey. It will be like a Chain of Prayer, a spiritual quarantine to spiritually strengthen and teach you how to use your intelligent faith.
You can join the 40-Day Journey of Faith today by subscribing to my YouTube channel on the link below. Click on the “subscribe” button located at the right side of the webpage. See you there!

Click on the link below to join:

40-Day Journey of Faith

Bishop Bira Fonseca

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