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Unfortunately, many people use their emotions to make decisions. Most singles determine whether or not to begin a relationship with someone using only their emotions and not their reasoning. This is a recipe for disaster. Emotions are temporary; they do not provide a strong and stable foundation for a relationship. One day, we might be swept off our feet, but the next, we might feel like throwing something at that person. If we relied on emotions, we would not even be able to go to work; depending on how we feel that morning, we might decide just to stay home.

Here is an example of mind over emotions: you wave at a taxi and ask the driver to take you to point X, but he lets you know from the beginning that he only has enough gas to take you halfway. The obvious thing to do would be to get out. In the same manner, when considering a relationship, if a person sees that it will not work out, that it does not have potential to last, then the intelligent thing to do would be to get out from the beginning and move on. It is essential to get to know the person, to look for signs of compatibility and of the person’s character.

At times, people are charmed by nice words, by how sweet the person is, and when the relationship fails, they don’t understand why. Chances are they used emotions and not reasoning to see the signs that it would not work.

If you want to minimize the chances of making the wrong decisions in your love life, then understand that you must use your mind over your emotions.

– based on advice from the authors of Bulletproof Marriage.


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