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Where is your strength?1 min read

Where is your strength?1 min read



Do you remember the days that you used to ponder about your dreams? Getting the latest car, the spacious house with the grassy backyard, those designer clothes or having your own family… Now, let’s think about how you felt when some of your dreams became a reality. How did you feel? Did you become invincible and full of happiness? Were you able to overcome all depression, heartbreaks and stress, because you achieved your dream? Most likely you found yourself facing the same inner struggles as before.

Even in your new house, you were not able to sleep peacefully due to the depression you were feeling. But why is this? Material things do not last forever and are not able to give you true joy. Can’t your car be towed? And your house, can it not be foreclosed? When the tough times come, the loss of a job, the betrayal of a spouse, the death of a family member… and you feel alone; where will you find the strength to get through it and still have peace. This strength comes from receiving the Spirit of God.

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8)

You will receive power to overcome your problems. As opposed to living in sadness, or constantly stressed or worried, you will have peace, because you know that God will get you through. He will be your Helper. Because the Spirit of God is inside of you, you will never feel alone.


Do you want to seek and receive the strength to overcome? Come and join us in the Night of Salvation, every Wednesday at the Universal Church nearest you.


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