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They found themselves2 min read

They found themselves2 min read


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Many times when we hear the expression “inner healing,” we think of abuse or traumas, we are drawn to think of situations that people often hide or are reluctant to speak about.

But the women who walked through the doors of The Universal Church on Sunday, February 22nd, came to an understanding about themselves beyond what they had expected, learning that every human being needs inner healing at some point in their lives.

On this day, during the Inner Healing Seminar, sponsored by Godllywood, thousands of women around the world, including the U.S., heard stories from women just like them about how they found strength to let go and overcome inner battles from their past. They received a strong message, prayers and guidance on how to learn with their experiences and move forward.

How often we have reactions that we do not understand? How often we let opportunities pass in life without knowing why? How often we are filled with grief for the lost years, the lost relationships, the blame and even the overwhelming expectations of those around us? It might even come to the point of impeding us to move forward. We take each day at a time, but we relive the same thoughts and feelings over and over again.

On February 22nd, the Godllywood group helped women from all walks of life to find themselves. They were able to identify the “roots behind their reactions, what has been holding them back, and will now have the support they need to heal. Those who made the best of this great opportunity, left their pain, burdens and all the weight they have been carrying on their shoulders at the feet of Jesus on this wonderful day.

For more information about the next Godllywood event for women, contact us or visit the Universal Church nearest you.


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